8 reasons nobody is babysitting your fucking kid

•Your kid tries to kill itself as soon as you aren’t physically present. No-one wants this sort of bullshit. As soon as their parents walk out the door, this fucker is teetering on… Continue reading

Shame of the day: Shit conversation, shit situation

As you might have seen from my precious shame of the day posts, the theme is embarrassment. My own personal, and frequent embarrassment. Today’s shame (unlike the others) was perpetrated wholly on myself.… Continue reading

New York: day one

Firstly, I have to preface this by saying I’ll be posting mainly from my phone, so my posts won’t have the pictures or the formatting, or much of the other good stuff. I’ll… Continue reading

How fun is it to be an idiot!

Right now, right at this very minute, I’m sitting in a restaurant called Fresh Pizza in Victoria (yep, I’m one of those pretentious / broke looking guys who sits on his laptop at eateries,… Continue reading

Ask an expert: Jennie Saia

So, it’s been a month. There are reasons why I’ve been alternating between not posting and sitting around feeling bad about not posting, but I’ll give you the abridged version. Blah blah blah… Continue reading

Shame of the week: Supermarket checkout, supermarket dick out.

**Given the poll results from my last “shame of the week” post it seems that you’re wondering how I managed to have my dick out without actually getting my dick out in front… Continue reading

The Almighty Stumble

No one is supposed to see angels. Primarily because they’re not meant to exist. That’s easy enough to say until you’re kneeling in the Shetland mud, tearing at your hair, screaming and crying… Continue reading

Shame of the week: The Funeral Rap incident.

How many ridiculous things can actually happen to one man? This is a question that can be answered – week to week – based on how much I’m allowed to leave the house and… Continue reading

I prefer the term ‘Manure’.

By the time you read this, I’ll have rewritten the first sentence of this post about 6 times. My inability to put together a simple set of words has become my life this morning.… Continue reading

Stop worrying, start writing.

Don’t worry about how many likes you used to get. Don’t worry about not finding your stuff as funny as you used to. Don’t worry that your spouse doesn’t find your stuff as… Continue reading