Drawing again!

Apparently all I had to do to get back into drawing was have something else important to do. This is the product of pure procrastination .   A quick portrait of L after… Continue reading

Cucumber, and the dispensability of black characters.

Tonight I watched the 6th episode of the new Channel 4 drama Cucumber. From the beginning, I’ve found it a refreshing take on the “gay drama” (if there is such a thing) in… Continue reading

On the merits of ‘Being Real’

Being Fake is a lie, and calling others fake is a fallacy. Who are you, the Real Police!?

Read the thing.

The Fucking Middle Class Boy’s Lament.

You think I’m lazy. You think I’m emotional. You think I’m dramatic. I’m all those things, but I’m not just those things. If there are qualities you deem positive I don’t know them.… Continue reading

Don’t love someone just because they love you.

Everyone wants to be loved. Sure, there are differences in the ‘hows’, the ‘how longs’ and definitely in the ‘from whoms’, but it stands that everyone likes a bit of love. Love allows… Continue reading

“Have faith in yourself” and other useless advice.

If you happen to have run across a person at any point, chances are you’ll end up in a situation in which you’re required to tell someone what you think they should do about… Continue reading

Shame of the week: The Toys R Us Crisis.

Before, I kick this off and lose whatever scraps of dignity I had left, I’d like to state that this post was motivated by a post over at The Professional Mess, in which he mourns the loss… Continue reading

3 phrases every iPhone 6+ owner hates

Once you get an iPhone you invite two sorts of people into your day: those that will ask you genuine questions, and those that will repeat basic and obvious phrases like you’re some idiot… Continue reading

A letter to my followers.

Before we start; yes, I know the title is a little bit rom-com. Now whilst I would fully enjoy taking each and every one of you on a whirlwind ride of unlikely romance… Continue reading

On the meaning of free sex on the beach.

Whilst eating alone is not the best time for someone to give you free, inappropriately named cocktails. At all.